Free Hand Tool Woodworking Videos Dovetail Joint With Wood Chisels

Welcome to our woodworking video page! Below you can see many of our popular YouTube woodworking videos, organized by category. And if you like what you see, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

1. Woodworking Shop Video Tours

Here are some of our most popular woodworking videos about woodworking shop tours that we’ve filmed. These wood shop tours will give you some great woodshop layout ideas, and will introduce you to amazing woodworkers like Frank Klausz, Bill Anderson, David Ray Pine, and more!

Frank Klausz Woodworking Shop Tour

James Huggett’s Dream Furniture Making Workshop

David Ray Pine’s Woodworking Shop Tour

2. Woodworking Projects Videos

Below are a few woodworking videos that follow various woodworking projects that we’ve shown here at Wood and Shop. Some of these woodworking projects also have woodworking plans that accompany them.

How to Make a Collapsible Viking Camp Chair

Anatomy of an End Table and Drawer

Make a Shaker Bench from 3 Stair Treads!

Woodworking Dvds Wood And Shop

Woodworking DVDS and Digital Videos

Browse our traditional woodworking video classes available in HD Streaming / Download and on DVD.

3. Wood Finishing Videos for Woodworking

Here are some of our woodworking videos about finishing woodworking projects, ranging from historic beeswax finishes to ammonia fuming, and many other wood finishing techniques.

Make a Historic Beeswax, Oil & Turpentine Furniture Polish Finish

How to Make Figured Maple Pop!

How to Beautifully Fume Furniture with Cheap Ammonia

4. DIY Workbench Videos

We share a bunch of free woodworking videos on wood work bench building and buying, including videos about the Portable Moravian Workbench, learning about holdfasts for workbenches, and various skills on making a diy workbench for woodworking.

Watch This Before Building a Workbench for Woodworking

Incredible 58 Second Portable Moravian Workbench Assembly!

How to Make Workbench Dogs, Dog Holes & Holdfast Holes

5. Lumber Videos for Woodworking

The following woodworking videos are all about lumber (or wood) for woodworking, such as how to choose lumber, wood identification, cutting lumber at a mill, and how to mill up lumber with both woodworking hand tools and power tools.

How to Choose Lumber for Woodworking

How to Square, Flatten, & Dimension Rough Boards by Hand

From Tree to Quartersawn Lumber using a Bandsaw Mill

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Woodworking DVDS and Digital Videos

Browse our traditional woodworking video classes available in HD Streaming / Download and on DVD.

6. Wood Joinery Woodworking Videos

Learn how to cut a bunch of different joinery, or wood joints for furniture making by watching our woodworking joinery videos. These joinery videos cover many different wood joints, like a dovetail joint, mortise and tenon joint, dado joint, rabbet joint, bridle joint, and more.

How to Make Mortise and Tenon Joints with Hand Tools

Hand Cut Dovetails with Frank Klausz

Secret Mitered Dovetails with Kaare Loftheim at Colonial Williamsburg

7. Hand Planing Woodworking Videos

We’ve got a lot of great free woodworking videos about hand planing. These hand planing videos cover everything from hand planing technique to refurbishing and sharpening hand planes to choosing the best hand planes for woodworking.

Frank Klausz using his Monster Molding Plane

Watch This Before Buying Handplanes for Woodworking

How to Cut a Dado Joint with Hand Tools

8. Hand Saw Woodworking Videos

Below you’ll find a whole bunch of great free woodworking videos that we’ve made about hand saws. In these woodworking videos you’ll learn how to choose the best hand saws, how to cut with hand saws (like a dovetail saw), how to sharpen a hand saw, and even how to make hand saws!

Understanding & Restoring Antique Hand Saws with Tom Calisto

How to Sharpen Hand Saws for Woodworking with Tom Calisto

How to Use a Dovetail Saw Like a Pro

9. Videos on Rehabbing & Sharpening Woodworking Hand Tools

You can check out our large collection of free woodworking videos about how to rehab and sharpen woodworking hand tools, like hand planes, hand saws, chisels, marking gauges, card scrapers, and more.

5 Easy Steps to Sharpen a Card Scraper for Woodworking

How to Sharpen Skewed & Straight Handplane Irons

Rehabbing Mortise Gauges & Marking Gauges for Woodworking

10. Green Woodworking Videos

Below you’ll see a collection of our free woodworking videos that will teach you about green woodworking, which is working with lumber that hasn’t been dried. This includes woodworking videos like how to use a froe, how to choose a log for lumber, and how to choose the best woodworking hand tools for green woodworking.

Tools for Green Woodworking & Bowl or Spoon Carving with Mike Cundall

How to use a Froe to Split Green Wood w/ Elia Bizzari

Woodworking Tour: 1820s Tool Chest at the Frontier Culture Museum

11. My Workshop / Woodworking School

Here are some videos about my workshop and woodworking school. You can see woodworking videos of our classes in action and also a series of videos about that follow my journey remodeling an old RV garage into a beautiful historical workshop.

Wood & Shop Traditional Woodworking School

Dream Woodworking Workshop Remodel (part 1)

Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking Class

12. How to Use Woodworking Hand Tools

How do you use woodworking hand tools? This large video playlist is full of woodworking videos that show how to use a bunch of different woodworking hand tools, including hand saws, back saws, hand planes, chisels, molding planes, router planes, rabbet planes, spokeshaves, and more!

Frank Klausz using his Monster Molding Plane in his Dream Workshop

How to Cut a Dado Joint with Hand Tools

How to Use a Dovetail Saw Like a Pro

13. Wood Carving Videos

Below you can watch our free woodworking videos on wood carving, including how to choose wood carving tools, chip carving, and more.

Wood Carving Tools & Techniques for Beginners

Stunning Workshop of Wood Carver & 18th Century Furniture Maker Wm. Brown

How to Chip Carve with Mark Thomas

14. Woodturning Videos

Here you can watch our woodworking videos about woodturning and wood lathe use, like learning the basics of woodturning and workshop tours that show amazing historical woodturning.

Woodturning Basics Part 1: Turning Tools, Lathe, & Roughing a Spindle

Wood Turning on a Treadle Lathe at Colonial Williamsburg

Incredible Water Powered Wood Shop at Hancock Shaker Village

15. Power Tool Woodworking Videos

Below are a bunch of our free woodworking videos that show how to use power tools or woodworking machines to build furniture, from bandsaw mills, to power joints to dovetail jibs and power routers.

From Tree to Quartersawn Lumber using a Bandsaw Mill

My Monster 16-inch Felder Jointer Planer

Dovetail Jig vs Hand Cut Dovetails: Which is Better?

16. Skills & Tips for Woodworking

You can watch a bunch of videos on cool tips and skills for hand tool woodworking and power tool woodworking, like making historical screws, installing hinges and padlock hasps, how to choose a log, and much more.

4 Steps to Add Hinges on a Dovetail Chest with Hand Tools

Make Historical Wood Screws Using Toilet Bowl Cleaner

How to Make Pegs for Drawboring Mortise & Tenon

17. Chairmaking Videos

Learn how to make different types of chairs by watching our chairmaking videos. These include woodworking videos about making Windsor chairs, making cabriole legs for fancy chairs, and how to dryfit and glue up a chair.

Making Cabriole Legs with Dave Heller Part 1

Elia Bizzarri’s Windsor Chair Workshop Tour

Dry Fitting a Walnut Chair with Brian Weldy at Colonial Williamsburg

18. Veneering, Marquetry, and Wood Inlay

Enjoy these free woodworking videos about wood veneering, wood inlay, and wood marquetry & parquetry. These skills will enable you to embellish your furniture projects with beautiful details.

Awesome Geometric Marquetry Introduction

Intro to Wood Veneering & Inlay with Dave Heller

Dave Heller: Fine Furniture Maker & Marquetarian

19. Gluing & Clamping Woodworking Videos

These woodworking videos will help you learn how to assemble & dry fit your furniture project, how to glue it up, and how to properly clamp it together for squareness.

How to Glue Up a Table Panel with Panel Clamps

Dry Fitting a Walnut Chair with Brian Weldy at Colonial Williamsburg

How to Reverse a Woodworking Clamp